What is the GAMENTER?

Gamenter, a gaming cluster within Entertech, is an ecosystem where gaming ventures thrive through diversity and mutual growth. It fosters a gaming ecosystem where gaming initiatives are nurtured and grow together.

What is the GAMENTER Pre - Incubatıon?

Gamenter Pre-Incubation is an entrepreneurship program that provides education, mentorship, access to investment, and the opportunity to join the Gamenter cluster for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be part of the gaming ecosystem.

What will you earn in program process?

Entrepreneurs who participate in this program joint an end-to-end education and comprehensive mentoring process tailored specifically for gaming entrepreneurs. Additionally, the entrepreneurs in the program earn the right to participate in "Gamenter Chat" events, providing them with the opportunity to meet key stakeholders in the gaming ecosystem.

Who are Partners?

Entertech İstanbul Teknokent and Avcılar Municipality Applied Solutions and Innovation Center, collaborating to run the program. In addition, prominent partners in the gaming ecosystem will be involved with you throughout the program.

What Expect You at the End of the Gamenter Pre-Incubation Program?

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to access investors through Demoday and establish their companies within Gamenter at the end of the program. Additionally, an effective guidance process will be carried out throughout the program for game-specific support and grants (from organizations such as Microsoft, Google, KOSGEB, etc.).

How can I Apply?

Applications have ended. Thank you for your interest.