Our vision is to establish an innovation ecosystem that focuses on sustainable development driven by social and technological impact, shaping the future on a global scale.


Our mission is to create a scientific, economic, and social environment supported by universities, industry, and the public sector, where companies, entrepreneurs, and academics targeting new and advanced technologies can conduct their R&D activities. In this environment, we aim to facilitate the transformation of R&D outputs into commercially viable products, methods, or services with a focus on sustainable development.

Entertech Incubation Strategy

  • Contributing to the transformation of business ideas into qualified ventures
  • Providing all the necessary resources to support the development of ventures
  • Guiding ventures toward the most suitable funding and grant opportunities
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with potential investors
  • Assisting ventures in finding customers.

Entertech Incubation's goals for 2023 are to enable startups to expand into international markets and take investments from foreign funds.